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released May 16, 2014

Track 1:
produced by SXYLK
Mixed by Mannyo

Track 2:
produced by JX CANNON



all rights reserved
Track Name: L1QUID
I don’t give a fuck about no fuckin sissy-cypher bitch
I pops it off with drops in all my lyrics talk all type’a shit
You the type to ride my hype like vices in a dykin’ bitch
"sike, we not alike" is what they hear before i ice’em bitch
Snipe ‘em, why fight ‘em, hide ‘em, no Tyson- I’m Mikey Meyers
hyphen Mariah, I get the highest and spit the fire
You tired of cryin’ about them bi niggas that you dialin’ up?
Oh you tried it huh? But I’m the one with them guys in the buff, I’m sizin’ him up
He likin it rough, I’m right for the stuff
My eyes on the bucks in spite of the lust
I’m slightin’ his bluff, take pipe to the nuts
You tryin’ to what? You triflin as fuck
I’m done, I done had enough, I’m about to nut up like it’s cummin’ in ya gut
Fuck it, I’ma spit it ‘til they stutter from the jump
Come-up on dum-dums gummin’ my clutch up, fuck sus
Boss bitches my influences so I Jordan-jump on these beats relentless
Roast a blunt to my independence cause a goal for Goldie be a win to witness
Wind-to-milled ‘em means I wins a million. Chills & thrills ‘em with the will it kills ‘em
shits for real he really cinched the deal. I’m finna skin ‘em for they spot, that Cruella DeVil
No harm no foul, heard the whole CHARMS peeped the whole style
Flow wild, believe the profile. I gloat and float down, delete your whole file
The steeze is so grounded, keeps ‘em low-down, select the best SXYLK for my sound
Spit it by the ounce, you slip you might drown, concede defeat now & ease me that crown, nigga, bow

Flow like liquid on these frigid niggas
Chips in if you pitchin’ with him
Switch gears on these chicken bitches
finger-lickin, they pissed I’m shittin
These lyrics liquid, checkin for chips & biscuits
Hexes for talkin shit, I’m collecting wigs at the entrance

Who the Scar in ya pack that’s finna
go toe-to-toe on Pride Rock with Simba
Niggas mad that I’m pin-up bad
& I end up asked to they daddy’s dinner
Don’t hate me, hate gameplay
When it turn gameday niggas like “mayday, mayday”
AK-spitter on a melee mission,
I’ma vaycay when I hit a waylay payday
Take what they say, tell’em put it in they ass,
bulletin is passed I’m in a new class
Mudda-cunt in the front, lunch in the duff,
blunt full’a skunk they ain’t hittin in the back
Cute & cheeky, blokes like the freak me,
hoes tryna be me, Hi, nice to meet me.
He competes and beats your team easy.
Fuck these mini-v’s, believe me, I’m a GT
You pass class, I’m gassed out in the hazmat
Touch trees, tap twice, nigga, pass that
Stand back, stand back, it’s a ransack
Your bitch shoulda got Aflac on your whack ass
Little spaz finna click-clack, big-blast
Slick brat spit fast on the hit track
Make big cats get attached to my bad ass
I’m like nigga fuck chit-chat, spend cash
When he see me in the club, it’s an interview:
plot for the weekend & fetishes I get into
Have a nigga sediment in seconds too
Tell ‘em let my friends meet his crew when I’m ready to
Step in the setting spit a hemi put a fella to rest
Ain’t settling for second, I’m ahead of the best
Heavy-headed femmey said it, it’s a medal to get
bet he vent and get commended and presented again